Katrina Ingram

Back to School Again is hosted by Katrina Ingram. Katrina is passionate about the intersection of art, technology, business and education – all of which are reflected in her diverse career path.

A marketer by trade, she spent her early career in the technology sector first in a series of startups, then building partner marketing relationships for a global software vendor. She segued into media, joining the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where she managed marketing and communications for CBC Radio One in Vancouver. Upon moving to Edmonton, she joined CKUA Radio where she held the role of Chief Operating Officer.

Katrina has a passion for teaching. Since 2013, she has been a sessional faculty member at MacEwan University in the Arts and Cultural Management program where she also sits on the Faculty Advisory Council.

In 2017, Katrina helped launch the Alberta Podcast Network, which is dedicated to fostering connections between Alberta-based podcasters and showcasing their work to reach new audiences. She also recently produced and co-hosted Artful Conversations – a unique podcast about arts management that is being integrated into the curriculum of the Arts and Cultural Management program at MacEwan University.

Katrina holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and is currently working on a Master of Arts at the University of Alberta with a focus on Communications & Technology.

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