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Episode 10: Rockin’ retirement as a music student with Donna Dawson

Donna Dawson spent 35 years as a public health nurse and while she loved her work, she also loved music.

Episode 9: From the arts to accounting with Darrell Pidner

Many people have a mid-life epiphany that they should have followed their dream to pursue their passion in the arts. Darrell Pidner had the opposite experience.

Episode 8: Travelling my own path with Vanessia Baker

Without the support of her family, Vanessia Baker found life as a student in her early twenties a real financial struggle.

Episode 7: Mastering policework with Sgt. David Jones

Sgt. David Jones of the Edmonton Police Services is racking up the Airmiles commuting to Cambridge University in the UK as he undertakes a Master’s in Applied Criminology and Police Management.

Episode 6: PR Momma with Leanne Miller

Leanne Miller only applied to university because she was sure she would NOT get in. Imagine her surprise when MacEwan University accepted her application to the Public Relations program!

Episode 5: Engineer turned educator with Rdina Danaf

As a young mother with a special needs child, Rdina Danaf took the brave step of returning to the classroom. Her seven year journey started at NorQuest College with academic upgrading.

Episode 4: Overcoming addiction to serve on the frontline with Gordon Holub

For forty years, Gordon Holub battled serious addictions. In his early fifties, he got clean and decided it was time to try a new path at NorQuest College.

Episode 3: Choosing the trades with Jessica Kelly

Before Jessica Kelly decided to become an electrician, she had tried almost everything. Now, she’s in her 2nd year towards earning her journeyman papers.

Episode 2: Planning for success as a student with Cary Williams

Cary Williams has a plan for pretty much everything! This Certified Financial Planner is about to complete a close to a decade long journey to achieve his Chartered Investment Manager designation.

Episode 1: Managing a master’s with Katrina Ingram, Jane Duffy and Kaly Vittala

Former radio exec turned podcast host, Katrina Ingram explains why she left the media world to return to school and pursue a master’s degree. Special guests Jane Duffy and Kaly Vittala share their experiences in the MACT Program at the U of A.

Back to School Again

Coming soon...Back to School Again. A podcast for mid-life learners. Generously supported by the team at NorQuest College.