Balancing entrepreneurship and education with Aretha Greatrix and Carina Ludgate

Managing school and work is tough enough when you have a regular job. How do you make it work when you are self-employed?
Katrina is joined by her MACT colleagues, documentary filmmaker Aretha Greatrix and branding expert, Carina Ludgate to talk about how they balanced running a business with the demands of a master’s program. 

We talk about…
  • what compelled Aretha and Carina to launch their businesses
  • getting over the “illusion of a stable job” and why a 9-5 job isn’t for them
  • the joys and challenges of doing creative work
  • how to manage your life with inconsistent income streams
  • how they balanced client and school deadlines and when to say “no” to a project
  • why they went back to school and what they hope to achieve with this degree
  • our 2nd Spring Institute compared to the first one
  • framing a research project for a master’s degree
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