Episode 4: Overcoming addiction to serve on the frontline with Gordon Holub

For forty years, Gordon Holub battled serious addictions. In his early fifties, he got clean and decided it was time to try a new path at NorQuest College.
During his time as a student, Gordon not only found a career, he reconnected to his Indigenous roots. Now he’s a Community Support Worker giving back to others who need help.

We talk about....
  • addictions, contemplating suicide and overcoming both
  • the pain of losing your culture and the joy of finding it again
  • the importance of being supported in your academic journey
  • the fears and anxiety of returning to school in your fifties
  • the community support worker program at NorQuest College
  • why its important to be on the front line helping others
  • being a mentor 
  • sharing your successes with family
  • TRC, the sixties scoop and who gets to frame history
Special thanks to our sponsors NorQuest College for making this podcast possible and to our friends at the Alberta Podcast Network.