Episode 7: Exploring HR and cannabis with Dan Chernyk

A corporate restructuring gave Dan Chernyk the chance to return to the classroom. Building on the skills he gained as a manager in telecommunications, he decided to focus on studying Human Resources at MacEwan University.
That led to employment in a new industry – cannabis! Dan shares how he manages his study schedule as a busy dad of two young kids, the importance of having a supportive spouse and his impressions of working in the cannabis industry during its early days.

We talk about...
  • Starting a degree in his twenties but then finding that life had other plans that led to a career, a series of promotions and a family 
  • How a major jolt in the form of a corporate restructuring became the catalyst for Dan to evaluate what he really values and pointed him towards a career in human resources
  • Approaching school as a mature student and why spending “adult money” on education means more to him
  • Carving out time to focus on studying and learning how much time we actually waste. Scheduling to ensure he can still be present for important family activities 
  • Modeling being a student for his kids and reading their textbooks together
  • The challenges of working in the early days of the cannabis industry while trying to balance being a student
  • Finding a sense of completion in coming back to finish an educational journey that he started over a decade ago
Find out more about cannabis industry training at NorQuest College and Kwantlen Polytechnic University.