Episode 9: From the arts to accounting with Darrell Pidner

Many people have a mid-life epiphany that they should have followed their dream to pursue their passion in the arts. Darrell Pidner had the opposite experience.
He left the arts and returned to school in his forties to pursue an MBA at the University of Alberta as well as certifications in accounting and auditing. Darrell shares his thought on moving from the arts to business, his strategies for managing expectations and why being stubborn can be a key to success.
We talk about....
  • The thrills and challenges of a career in the arts
  • Having a mid-life epiphany and shifting gears
  • Types of career burnout - boiling the frog vs cyclical projects in the arts
  • The power of following a script in both the arts and business
  • Stepping into a full-time MBA as the oldest person in the class
  • Setting up routines to accomplish schoolwork, even if its at 3am!
  • Being really OK with doing your best and overcoming perfectionism 
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