Episode One: Research in a time of COVID-19 with Cedric Cordero and Jane Duffy

How do you stay focused on completing your research when the world is falling apart? I’m joined by my MACT colleagues Cedric Cordero and Jane Duffy to hear how they made it work.
Research can be a lonely part of the grad school experience. This Spring, COVID-19 made that journey a little lonelier and a little more chaotic. We talk about...
  • Deciding on a research project and conducting literature reviews
  • Our diverse research projects which include digital signage and patient experience in healthcare (Cedric), assessing the post-secondary instructor review process (Jane) and applied ethics for AI projects in healthcare (Katrina)
  • How COVID-19 impacted us personally and how it impacted our research 
  • Ethics applications and the benefits of getting things done early
  • Letting go of expectations, accepting the limits that COVID-19 imposed and moving forward anyways
  • Supervisors and how they shaped our work
  • Life after our master's degrees
A huge THANKS to our season sponsors, Athabasca University, Canada's online university.

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