Episode Ten: A technical upgrade with Corey Stroeder

For the past several seasons, guests have heard me thank my talented technical producer Corey Stroeder. This year, Corey decided to go back to school again to upgrade his skills.
I met Corey back in season one when he was working as a multi-media producer, responsible for audio and video production as well as web design. He’s enrolled in the eLearning certificate program at the University of Calgary and is also taking Project Management courses with MacEwan University. Now, I’m putting him in front of the microphone to share his story. We talk about...
  • Early career choices and moving from the hospitality industry to post-secondary education
  • Changes in the multi-media production landscape 
  • Why Corey is back in school and what he hopes to achieve with his new skills 
  • Corey's passion for making digital environments accessible
  • Overcoming past negative experiences to embrace future possibilities
A huge THANKS to our season sponsors, Athabasca University, Canada's online university. 
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