Episode 1: Managing a master’s with Katrina Ingram, Jane Duffy and Kaly Vittala

Former radio exec turned podcast host, Katrina Ingram explains why she left the media world to return to school and pursue a master’s degree. Special guests Jane Duffy and Kaly Vittala share their experiences in the MACT Program at the U of A.
We talk about...
  • when its time to leave a job and how hard it can be to leave
  • why going back to school can you help you explore career options
  • the anxiety of going back to school in mid-life
  • coping strategies for dealing with a busy school schedule
  • the challenges of balancing work, life and school 
  • how digital disruption has impacted the media world 
  • what librarians really do
  • the MACT Program at the University of Alberta and especially Spring Institute
Special thanks to our sponsors NorQuest College for making this podcast possible and to our friends at the Alberta Podcast Network.