Episode 2: Planning for success as a student with Cary Williams

Cary Williams has a plan for pretty much everything! This Certified Financial Planner is about to complete a close to a decade long journey to achieve his Chartered Investment Manager designation.
As a father to two young kids, Cary finds some creative ways to build study time into his very busy schedule. He also makes a great case for taking a 100-year view on lifelong learning. 

We talk about...
  • the differences between a Certified Financial Planner vs Chartered Investment Manager
  • building good study habits
  • learning how to learn
  • how to buy back some of your time by investing in services for meals, cleaning and other life chores
  • studying while at your kids sporting events 
  • making a Friday night date with yourself at the library
  • the 100 year life view 
  • why being a parent is harder than being a student
  • how a musical helped Cary land his first job
Special thanks to our sponsors NorQuest College for making this podcast possible and to our friends at the Alberta Podcast Network.